fonosphera® SF51-10AL

thermoforming solution

fonosphera® SF51 Soundproofing, sound-absorbing sandwich panel with thermal insulation properties, consisting of a layer of reticulated polyethylene with a sphere pattern and a body of material with a low mechanical modulus made from a polymer base with mineral filler, laminated onto a layer of 10 mm thick polyester fibre and coated with a heat reflective aluminium film.

The material used in fonosphera® SF51-10AL is studied to provide not only a high level of sound insulation, but also class 1 fire reactivity.
fonosphera® manifests a "spring effect" when laminated to rigid panels, which optimises sound 
insulation performance.

fonosphera® SF51-10AL is (RINA): IMO MSC 61 - Solas 74 - ISO 1716 fire certified

fonosphera® SF51-10AL is MED certified for shipbuilding .

The product is lightweight and slim and contains no additional adhesives which can cause the product to deteriorate over time.

fonosphera® SF51-10AL is particularly suitable for airborne sound insulation and vibration damping in metal and fibreglass structures, plastic laminates, plywood and masonry.

fonosphera® SF51-10AL is supplied in 1 x 10 metre rolls, also available with adhesive.

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Technical features fonosphera® SF51 - click here to download Pdf


fonosphera® Installation

fonosphera SF51® / fonosphera® XB- click here to download Pdf
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