fonosphera® XB-20TNT

thermoforming solution

Soundproofing, sound-absorbing sandwich panel with thermal insulation properties, consisting of a layer of reticulated polyethylene with a sphere pattern and a body of material with a low mechanical modulus made from a polymer base with mineral filler, laminated onto a layer of 20 mm thick polyester fibre coated with black non-woven fabric (water and oil repellent).

Main characteristics and use:
• High-level of airborne sound insulation
• High-level of sound absorption
• Excellent vibration damping
• Resistant to dirt, swarf, humidity, oil vapours
• Environmentally friendly, contains no bitumen, halogens, phosphates, lead or PVC
• Available in 1 m x 10 m rolls with trimmed edges, also available with adhesive (sphere pattern side)
• Flexible, easy to apply to rigid materials and non-planar surfaces

Ideal for lamination onto metal and fibreglass structures, plastic laminates and wood, for use in engine compartments, machine tool guards, music rooms and construction in general.

Characteristics of the material:
Name: fonosphera® XB-20TNT
Thickness of sandwich panel: 28 mm approx
Thickness of polyester fibre: 20 mm approx
Weight of sandwich panel:

2.7 kg/m2
Thermal conductivity of polyethylene: 0.038 W/M°K
Thermal conductivity of polyester fibre: 0.035 W/M°K
Temperature: > -40 + 90°C
Resistance of body of material + sphere-pattern polyethylene: Euroclass EN 13501 Class E for fire

Fire resistance of polyester fibre: Self-extinguishing ISO 3795 speed ≤ 100mm/min, Euroclass EN 13501 Class B for fire, s1 for smoke, d0 for dripping

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